University of Innsbruck

Innsbruck as a Conference City

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(Hotels marked with "*" offer special rates for events at the University of Innsbruck. The walking time in brackets refers to the distance between the conference venue and accommodation.)

Basic*: (5 minutes)

Goldener Adler*: (5 minutes)

Mondschein*: (10 minutes)

Neue Post*: (10 minutes)

The Penz*: (10 minutes)

Meininger: (10 minutes)

Further hotels recommended by the University of Innsbruck:


Budget accommodation:

Gartenhotel Garni: (15 minutes; single room from 75 Euro)

Marmota Hostel: (45 minutes; single room from 69 Euro)

Cafés & Bars

Café Katzung (Herzog-Friedrich-Straße): (5 minutes)

Café Moustache (Herzog-Otto-Straße): (5 minutes)

Café Munding (Kiebachgasse): (5 minutes)

The Fifth Floor (Adolf-Pichler-Platz): (10 minutes)

Food & Drink

Café Central (Gilmstraße): (10 minutes)

Fischerhäusl (Herrengasse): (5 minutes)

Krahvogel (Anichstraße): (10 minutes)

Ludwig (Museumstraße): (10 minutes)

Ottoburg (Herzog-Friedrich-Str.): (5 minutes)

Stiftskeller (Stiftgasse): (10 minutes)

UNA Pizza (Universitätsstraße): (10 minutes)

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