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In this project the over-all goal is to test the turbulence parameterization of the COSMO NWP model at very high resolution (i.e., in its 1km resolution, COSMO-1). Experimental data from the i-Box will be used to thoroughly test real-terrain COSMO- 1 simulations. Essentially all the input data to COSMO’1 turbulence parameterization are available from long-term observations at different i-Box sites. Therefore the performance of the turbulence parameterization can be assessed not only through the ‘final result’, but rather each contribution (and hence step in the parameterization) can be investigated. Ultimate goal is to diagnose possible weaknesses in COSMO’s turbulence parameterization in complex terrain and suggest improvements – most likely through extension of the scheme to 3d.
The project will be conducted in close collaboration with another MeteoSwiss-funded project at ETHZ (Dr. Jürg Schmidli, IACETH) where Large-Eddy Simulation is used at high resolution to benchmark COSMO’s turbulence parameterization in complex terrain.


Partners at MeteoSwiss:
Dr. Oliver Fuhrer (MeteoSwiss)

Project Leader:
Mathias ROTACH

Goger Brigitta
Stiperski Ivana

Funding Agencies:

Project Duration:
23/10/2013 to 31/10/2016

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