Viktoria Thöni M.Sc.

Institut für Zoologie
Universität Innsbruck
Technikerstr. 25
6020 Innsbruck

Raum: 6/13
Telefon: +43 512 507-51881

Current research

As part of my PhD in the research group of Margit Egg I am working on the impact of low- frequency magnetic fields on mammalian cells. The focus is set on the circadian rhythm and its intimate interaction with the hypoxic signaling pathway, as well as on the examination of the underlying quantum biological mechanisms.

2018-2019Research assistant in the research group: circadian rhythms at the Institute of Zoology
2020-2021Laboratory group leader in laboratory diagnostics, Sinsoma GmbH
Current: PhD student, Institut für Zoologie



  • sThöni, V.; Mauracher, D.; Ramalingam, A.; Fiechtner, B.; Sandbichler, A.M.; Egg, M. (2022): Quantum based effects of therapeutic nuclear magnetic resonance persistently reduce glycolysis. In: iScience 25/12, Nr. 105536. (DOI) (Weblink)
  • Thöni, V.; Oliva, R.; Mauracher, D.; Egg, M. (2021): Therapeutic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance affects the core clock mechanism and associated Hypoxia-inducible factor-1. In: Chronobiology International 38/8, S. 1120 - 1134. (Volltext) (DOI) (Weblink)



  • Thöni, V.: Proton resonances affect the circadian clock and hypoxic signalling. Big Quantum Bio Meeting, 20.04.2023 (Online). 
  • Thöni, V.: Water proton resonances reset the circadian clock in mammalian cells. Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2023, Innsbruck, 13.04.2023. 

Media articles



Report in TV / Video platform


  • Egg, M.; Mauracher, D.; Thöni, V.: Campus: Magazin für Forschung und Entwicklung "Die Effekte von tNMR im biologischen System". In: Rai Südtirol / Rai Alto Adige vom 21.10.2022. (Weblink)

Poster presentation


  • Vortragende/r: Thöni, V. Co-AutorInnen: Dimova, E.Y.; Kietzman, T.; Sandbichler, A.M.; Egg, M.: Water proton resonances reset the circadian clock in mammalian cells. GRC Quantum Biology Gordon Research Conference, Galveston (Texas), 20.03.2023.
  • Vortragende/r: Mauracher, David Co-AutorInnen: Thöni, V.; Fiechtner, B.; Egg, M.: tNMR affects the circadian clock of somatic cells under normoxia and hypoxia. XVII European Biological Rhythms Society (EBRS 2022), Zürich, 28.07.2022. (Weblink)
  • Vortragende/r: Thöni, Viktoria Co-AutorInnen: Mauracher, D.; Sandbichler, A.M.; Egg, M.: Therapeutic Nuclear magnetic resonance redirects the metabolism of NIH-3T3 cells. XVII European Biological Rhythms Society (EBRS 2022), Zürich, 25.07.2022. (Weblink)
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