Jörg Vögele, Timo Heimerdinger (Hg.): Infant Feeding and Nutrition during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Perceptions and Dynamics, Düsseldorfer Texte zur Medizingeschichte 21, Göttingen: Cuvillier 2020

Der Band nimmt Praktiken der Säuglingsernährung in ihrer historischen Genese und in einer vergleichenden Perspektive in den Blick.

The nutrition of the infant is considered to be a central factor where the development of infant health and development as well as the intra-familiar organisation and organisation of parental role are concerned. At the same time, infant feeding practices have registered significant spacial and social variations and have been subject to profound changes particularly during the twentieth century. This volume presents selected aspects of the theme in a European context discussed at two conferences held in Innsbruck 2017 (First Conference of the European Network of the History and Culture of Infant Feeding) and Tours 2018 (Fourth International Conference on Food History and Cultures).

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