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The University of Innsbruck is happy to welcome you to the 45th Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC 2024).

In 2019, the University of Innsbruck celebrated its 350th anniversary. 350 years of the University of Innsbruck mean 350 years of exciting research and teaching, 350 years of clever minds that show visions, formulate ideas and advance developments, and thus 350 years of interaction with society. The University of Innsbruck sees its anniversary as a milestone on its way into the future. Setting new impulses, living openness, expanding the exchange with the environment, i.e. shaping the future together - these are the goals of the anniversary and beyond.

We would like to actively live this spirit of openness with you during our conference, shaping the future together.

Department of Subject-Specific Education (University of Innsbruck)

Our Organizing Committee is located at the Department of Subject-Specific Education, which is one of the three departments within the Faculty of Teacher Education. The Department of Subject-Specific Education was founded in 2012 and unites the subject-specific education of future teachers. It is divided into five sections:

  • Science, Geography, Computer Science and Mathematics Education;
  • Language Education including English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish;
  • German Language and Literature Education;
  • History, Social Studies and Civic Education;
  • Education and Communication for Sustainable Development.

All of them are characterised by a research- and theory-based approach to teaching which emphasises the importance of providing a scientifically and empirically substantiated education for specialised teachers at upper and lower secondary level. Moreover, numerous national and international project groups conduct research and generate results that are particularly important for the future-oriented field of Science Education. The findings thereof form the scientific foundation of tasks created for the partially-centralised, standardised school-leaving exam in all foreign languages in Austria. The department thus has the most comprehensive cooperation of subject-specific education at Austrian universities so far.

For further information about the Department of Subject-Specific Education at the University of Innsbruck, please visit https://www.uibk.ac.at/ifd.


We have made arrangements with the following hotels for discounted rates for participants of the conference. All options are within 15 mins to the conference venue.

High End

  • Hotel Austria Trend
    single rooms from 114 € (single occupancy)

  • Hotel Goldener Adler
    single rooms from 101 €
    double rooms from 128,80 € (single occupancy)

  • Hotel Grauer Bär
    double rooms from 115 € (single occupancy)

  • Marriott
    double rooms from 123 € (single occupancy)

  • Hotel Penz
    double rooms from 143 € (single occupancy)
    for reservations, please contact office@thepenz.com

  • Hotel Schwarzer Adler
    single rooms from 119 €

  • Hotel Stage 12
    double rooms from 140 € (single occupancy)
    office@stage12.atfor reservations, please contact

Mid Range

  • Hotel Innsbruck
    single rooms from 93 €
  • Hotel Motel One
    double rooms from 99 € (single occupancy)
  • Hotel Nala
    double rooms from 109 € (single occupancy)
  • Hotel Neue Post
    single rooms from 90 €
    double rooms from 115 € (single occupancy)
  • Hotel Sailer
    double rooms from 120 € (single occupancy)



  • Basic Hotel
    single rooms from 82 €
  • Hotel Meininger
    double rooms from 108 € p.p.
    3-bed dormitories from 54 € p.p.
    4-bed dormitories  from 50 € p.p.


Further budget options (We don't have special arrangements for these accomodations.)

  • Hotel Goldene Krone
    single rooms from 73 €
  • Haus der Begegnung
    single rooms from 82 €
  • Hotel Ibis (at the train station)
    double rooms from 83 € (single occupancy)
  • Blackhome Vintage
    appartement from 102 €

  • Montagu Hostel
    double rooms from 50 € p.p.
    dormitories from 46 € p.p.


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