ACINN is devoted to basic research in the areas of weather forecasting, mountain meteorology, earth atmosphere interactions and ice-climate relations. Our research activity is largely supported by third-party funding. We investigate the atmosphere and the cryosphere – and their interaction – through theoretical and conceptional approaches, experimental means and numerical modeling. Detailed information on specific research themes can be found for each of the Research Units below.

tile-atmospheric-dynamicsAtmospheric Dynamics

The Dynamics group at ACINN is mainly concerned with aspects of dynamical processes in mountainous areas. [more]

Kachel_ACPAtmospheric Physics and Chemistry

The Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry group at ACINN studies air pollution and surface-atmosphere exchange processes of air pollutants [more]

tile-ice-and-climateIce and Climate

The Ice and Climate group combines the expertise of accurately monitoring glaciological an meteorological processes, as well the competence [more]

tile_atmospheric_turbulence_1Atmospheric Turbulence

Turbulence is the main mechanism of exchange of mass, energy and momentum between the Earth surface and the overlying atmosphere and  [more]


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