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Molecular Systems - Welcome to the Wester group

Our group studies the physics and chemistry of molecules and their dynamics under highly controlled conditions. For example, we explore the reaction mechanisms of ion-molecule reactions. We are particularly interested to find out about the importance of quantum dynamics in molecular collisions and chemical reactions. Furthermore, we develop methods to control and manipulate molecular interactions using lasers and traps.

Interactions of molecules and ions are important in various environments near and far, from chemical bond breaking in living cells to energy transfer in molecular collisions in our atmosphere to the chemistry and long-term evolution of interstellar molecular clouds - the birth places of new stars. Research on underlying the atomistic dynamics of molecular processes aids the understanding of all such environments and our group is engaged in various collaborations to pursue these different directions.

For our experiments we develop and use different methods, in particular the trapping of ions at low temperatures and ion-molecule collisions in crossed molecular beams combined with velocity map imaging. If you want to learn more about this have a look at our research page. If you are interested in participating in these endeavors, we are always looking for motivated candidates who are interested in B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. research projects. For more information please come and visit us or contact Roland Wester.

Our research group is part of the Innsbruck Physics Research Center and the Doctoral Programme Atoms, Light and Molecules. External funding for our research comes from the Austrian Science Fund and the European Research Council.

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