Gesundheit und Wohlergehen

GOAL 3 Good Health and Well-Beeing

SDG 3 aims to ensure health and well-being for all at all ages by improving reproductive, maternal and child health; ending the epidemics of major communicable diseases; reducing non-communicable and mental diseases. SDG 3 also calls for reducing behavioural as well as environmental health risk factors.

Main prerequisite for meeting these objectives are universal health coverage; access to sexual and reproductive health-care services and to safe, affordable and effective medicines and vaccines for all. Other crucial steps for addressing persistent and emerging health issues that SDG 3 emphasises are support for research and development of vaccines and medicines, increased health financing and health workforces in developing countries and strengthened capacity for early warning and management of health risks.

Monitoring SDG 3 in an EU context focuses on progress made in enabling EU citizens to live healthy lives, by assessing health determinants, causes of death and access to health care.

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Targets and Indicators of Goal 3


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