Many Peaces Magazine and Peace Journalism Research Group on Air

Listen to a FREIRAD 105.9 – Freies Radio Innsbruck feature on peace journalism with Lena Drummer, Josefina Echavarria Alvarez, Clara Maier and Ursula Ott.

This edition of the KulturTon on Radio Freirad deals with the World Press Freedom Day that is celebrated on the 3rd of May each year. On this occasion the Many Peaces Magazine and the InnPeace Research Group Peace Journalism have engaged with the criteria of constructive journalism and its contributions to press freedom. 

Many Peaces Magazine Editor in Chief Clara Maier describes the work of the Many Peaces Magazine: "People are used to read about news that are right now happening around the world. We try to break this speed reading and this speed news coverage and do analysis on different areas in the world. We try to understand the different underlying dynamics of conflicts so that we can make in-depth reports." The long-standing journalistic work of the Many Peaces Magazine is accompanied by the newly founded research group Peace Journalism. Lena Drummer, Head of the Research Group describes their work: "we systematically analyze what peace journalism means, we gather the different concepts that already exist, such as constructive journalism. For us it is important to understand what is behind the term and  also to define specific questions that are of relevance for us and for our research." 

Also listen to InnPeace Co-Director Josefina Echavarría Alvarez and journalist Ursula Ott who talk about their work within Peace Studies and applied journalism.


The Workshop on Peace Journalism in wich this interview took place was sponsored by the University of Innsbruck's Research Area "Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts" and the Haus der Begegnung.


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