Judith Schmack

Judith Schmack

Research topic(s): Environmental Meteorology, Atmospheric chemistry, Secondary aerosol formation, data analysis
First supervisor:Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Karl

+43 512 507 54498
Judith Schmack

Generally, I am happiest when I am outside. I love hiking and doing long journeys with my bike, but my main hobby and favorite sport is rock climbing. Due to my great concern about climate change, I decided to study 'Atmospheric Sciences' as a Bachelor at the Univerity of Innsbruck. My master degree ('Environmental Meteorology') was a double degree between the University of Innsbruck and the University of Trento, which gave me the chance to get to know the Italian culture and the mountains there and enjoy great food for two semesters.

Apart from University, I enjoy working in agriculture on fields and with animals, which I got to know during a summer on a swiss Alp, where I lernt a lot about small scale food production. In general, I am trying to live my life as sustainably as possible and try to contribute my own little bit to fighting climate. I also enjoy reading, cooking and handcrafting.

- Judith Schmack (in progress), Atmospheric New Particle Fromation at Hoher Sonnblick: Seasonality and influencing factors (2019-2021). Master Thesis, University of Innsbruck, ACINN

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