Anna de Vries

Anna de Vries

Department for Ecology
Research topic(s): carbon cycle, climate change, carbonyl sulfide, gross primary production, eddy covariance, air quality, isotopic signatures
Thesis:A multiple constraints approach to gross primary productivity of a Pinus sylvestris stand
First supervisor: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Georg Wohlfahrt

+43 512 507 51647
Anna de Vries

Passion for mountains and climate physics/chemistry is what brings me to UIBK. I have always been driven by understanding natural phenomena around us. It is the interdisciplinary field of atmospheric physics, chemistry and biology that fascinates me. I studied chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies in Italy, then I went to the Netherlands to study physics and to do a master in climate physics. Last year I worked in the field of public air quality.  I am eager to start this new adventure at UIBK to do research in the field of Mountain forests and learn more about the forest carbon cycle.   

I am half Dutch, half Italian, love baking, hiking with my dog, cycling and (trail)running. And I am always up for a challenge, whether it's learning new hobbies, experimenting with new recipes, studying the effects of drought on the GPP or running up a mountain, 'if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you'.  

- Anna de Vries (2022): Carbonyl sulfide fluxes and isotopic signatures measured in Finnish forest and wetland. Master Thesis, Urecht Universtity.

- Anna de Vries (2020): EPR for flexible proteins - Spin labelling cp-2 with IAP. Bachelor Thesis, Leiden University.

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