Álex Tuñas Corzón

Álex Tuñas Corzón

Department for Ecology
Research topic(s): alpine biology, global change, forest eco-physiology, drought stress, carbon relations
Thesis:Drought legacy responses of growth and carbon relations of evergreen and deciduous trees
First supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Bahn

+43 512 507 51637
Álex Tuñas Corzón

As a mountain lover, I like to venture into the outdoors and let myself enjoy Nature while doing some cool sport, such as ski touring (in winter) or trail running (in summer). I also like to travel the world and do multi-day hiking trips with Terra, my friendly dog. Apart from that, I really appreciate photography, poetry, and podcasts/books about comedy, philosophy and popular science.

Overall, I think there is always something to be grateful for -no matter what- and that we live in a wonderful world, as the song goes. My mantra is that life is too short and valuable so as to not make it an urgent everyday task.

-A. Gauthey, (…), Á. Tuñas Corzón, C. Grossiord. 2023. Strong thermal plasticity of photosynthesis to soil moisture despite limited canopy temperature       variation in Pinus sylvestris, New Phytologist (In review)
-K. Jahn, D. Dreifuss, I. Topolsky, A. Kull, P. Ganesanandamoorthy, X. Fernandez-Cassi, (…), Á. Tuñas Corzón et al. 2022. Early detection and surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 genomic variants in wastewater using COJAC. Nature Microbiology.
-F. Cariti, Á.Tuñas Corzon, X. Fernandez-Cassi, P. Ganesanandamoorthy, C. Ort, T. Julian, & T. Kohn. 2022. Wastewater Reveals the Spatiotemporal Spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland) during the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. ACS ES&Amp;T Water.
-X. Fernandez-Cassi, A. Scheidegger, C. Bänziger, F. Cariti, Á. Tuñas Corzon, & P. Ganesanandamoorthy, et al. 2021. Wastewater monitoring outperforms case numbers as a tool to track COVID-19 incidence dynamics when test positivity rates are high. Water Research, 200, 117252.
-K. Weiss, G. Iacona, Á. Tuñas Corzón (…), and L. Gerber. 2021. Aligning actions with objectives in endangered species recovery plans, Conservation Science and Practice

Google scholar: https://shorturl.at/jRSTZ

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