Zhiyi Chen

Zhiyi Chen

Department for Botany
Research topic(s): wildfire; drought-induced cavitation; stem anatomy; cavitation ultrasound detection and analysis; plant phenotyping in vertical farming
Thesis:Susceptibility of Alpine forest tree species to first- and second-order fire effects
First supervisor:Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Mayr

Sternwartestr. 25, Room: 414
+43 6705571243
Zhiyi Chen

Beyond research, I am a hard-core foodie, passionately indulging in cuisines, cooking, and the artistry of baking. My curiosity fuels a relentless desire to explore the world, immersing myself in diverse cultures that ignite my soul. Balancing yin and yang of extroversion and introversion, I enjoy conservations with international people, savoring the beauty of human connection, and sharing tales and experiences that bridges continents. When seeking moments of personal reflection, art captivates me, and museums as well as films become my therapy. As a novice hiker, I eagerly embrace the opportunity to enhance my skills and uncover the beauty of nature. And now, my fascination leads me to the enigmatic world of mushrooms, where wonder and mystery intertwine, awaiting my exploration. Countless new experiences beckon on the horizon and I am excited to try them all. If you are looking for a companion to join you on your own explorations, please do not hesitate to reach out. Together we can revel in the joy of discovering new things.

- Dutta Satadal, Chen Zhiyi, Kaiser Elias, Matamoros Priscilla Malcolm, Steeneken Peter G., Verbiest Gerard J. (2022): Ultrasound Pulse Emission Spectroscopy Method to Characterize Xylem Conduits in Plant Stems. Research. Vol 2022; DOI: https://doi.org/10.34133/2022/9790438

- Zhiyi Chen (2022): Relations between xylem radii and ultrasound emission patterns from stems of plants in multiple species: an experimental study. Master Thesis, University of Wageningen, Life Sciences

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