2023-03: Brus­sels School 2023: agenda-set­ting and coop­er­a­tion in times of crises

A common project of the Jean Monnet Chair for Political Science and EU integration at the University of Innsbruck (Prof. Dr. Andreas Maurer), the Representation of the European Region “Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” in Brussels, the University of Innsbruck, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and the University of Trento.

Instructor/Coordinator: Michael C. Wolf
Course number: 800753
Type/hours: EX 2
Format: Virtual Introduction and excursion to Brussels
ECTS credits: 5 (Please make sure in advance that you are allowed to link these ECTS points to your individual study program)
Working language: English
Target group: Students at master's level
Application deadline: 15 february 2023 - Applicants will be selected by 1 March 2023


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Executive summary

You are interested in European politics, history and culture? You would love to experience EU politics at first hand, looking behind the facades of the Berlaymont, the European Parliament and the Justus Lipsius in order to better understand international diplomacy? Maybe you even aspire a career in fields such as international politics, contemporary history, translation, or cultural studies? You can’t wait to connect your academic knowledge with practical insights and exchange views with the makers and shapers of the European continent? You feel pleasure in building international networks and cross-border friendships? If yes, the "Euregio Brussels School 2023" is definitely the right thing for you!



Learning Outcome

Students get to know the functioning of the European Union in the context of a several-day excursion to the European Quarter in Brussels. Participants of the course will be able to understand and explain the processes of European policy coordination on different political levels in the context of the history of integration as well as in the context of international and European law.


The course promotes a theory-based, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented analysis of the European Union, its historical development and its constitutional and political structure. The core element of the course is a multi-day excursion to Brussels. Located within the European Quarter, the representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino provides practical on-site insights into the processes within and between the EU institutions as well as various dialogue formats with high-ranking representatives of the EU Commission, -Parliament, EU Council, CoR and EESC.


The first three (virtual) sessions of the course (all in English) serve to introduce to the topic and bring all students together, considering their different (inter)disciplinary knowledge, linguistic prerequisites and (transnational) educational traditions. Within the framework of a multi-day excursion to Brussels, participants are given the opportunity to personally exchange with representatives of various EU institutions and to familiarise themselves with European topics of contemporary interest by articipating in various different workshop formats.

Assessment criteria and prerequisites

Full and active participation in the (online) introductory sessions and the excursion to Brussels, as well as various case-specific speaking and written contributions. Thus, good (English) language skills are necessary (at least B2 based on thorough self-assessment).


The excursion to Brussels will most probably be financially supported, whereas the amount of the funding is currently being negotiated. The exact date of the excursion (3-5 days) is expected to be published in February (it will probably take place in May or early June).


Interested? Please send a short e-mail to You will then receive further information on the selection process.


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