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2023-10-24: Europe’s chal­lenges between Next Gen­er­a­tion EU and the revival of pop­ulists

Jean Monnet Lecture with Prof. Elisabetta Gualmini (MEP and University of Bologna) on October 24, 2023, 6:30 pm CEST, online.

Online via webconference: https://webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/and-x5a-pff-aui

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


The lecture will be held in English.


Since May 2019 everything has happened in Europe: the pain for Brexit, the pandemic, the war against Ukraine and corruption episodes inside the European institutions. And the European Union has responded: it transformed completely and lent a helping hand to its citizens, eventually. For years the Union has been perceived as a supranational organism led by distant bureaucrats, being interested only in imposing austerity measures. Conversely, the crisis has shown a completely different Europe: solidarity, social protection, and environmental sustainability are the current driving forces. The game rules have changed: the Stability and Growth Pact has been suspended, the European Union plays a role at the international level, and there is a lively debate on common defence and energy policies. From her privileged perspective, Elisabetta Gualmini (full professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna and MEP since 2019), argues that the European dream is still alive and that Europe has risen from its ashes: no longer stepmother, but mother.

Prof. Elisabetta Gualmini

Portrait Elisabetta Gualmini

Elisabetta Gualmini is Full Professor at  the Department of Political and Social Sciences and Member of the European Parliament since 2019 (S&D group).

Moderation: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Camilla Mariotto and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Maurer, Department of Political Science, University of Innsbruck

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