University of Innsbruck

Tragwerkslehre - Design of Structures 2022

Course Objective

The objective of the VU Design of Structures is to give students a first insight into the design, functioning and calculation of structures with an emphasize on geometry as the mediator between the technical and the architectural design. Contents include the common load-bearing elements and load-bearing systems of structural engineering and their bracing options. In addition to basic  knowledge of the most important load-bearing systems and related terminology, students gain insight into the function, mode of action, design and calculation of the most important load-bearing elements in a structure and building. To this end, the relevant fundamentals of statics and strength theory are taught.

Held by 
Prof. Guenther Filz
Dr. Athanasios Markou 
Wolfgang Onmacht 
Manuel Pleifer 
Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari 
Fereshteh Khojastehmehr
Hasan Hadi Abdulameer 


G 23 100 Trusses

G 22 Ser­pen­tine Pav­il­ion 2017

G 21 Flyinge Rid­ing Hall

G 20 Blur Build­ing

G 19 Say­nat­salo Town Hall

G 18 Fuß­ganger­brucke Lan­deck

G 17 Renault Distri­bu­tion Cen­tre

G 16 Moon View­ing Bridge

G 15 Trabucco

G 14 Research Lab­o­ra­tory

G 13 Dulles Air­port

G 12 Flower Sta­tion

G 11 Draw­ing Gallery Chateau la Coste

G 10 Hol­menkollen Ski Jump

G 9 Cen­tre Pom­pi­dou

G 8 Dobrava Float­ing Roof

G 7 Torre de Collserola

G 6 Con­struc­tion 2000

G 5 Colom­bian Pav­il­ion

G 4 Kud­hva Wilder­ness Cabins

G 3 Aus­sicht­splat­tform Conn

G 2 Aaresteg Rup­per­swil

G 1 Water­loo Ter­mi­nal