EU Vertiefung Prototypenbau

Using advanced geometry and an understanding of material behavior, this structure made of plywood strips is designed and fabricated to control the view from the seminar room to the outside, as well as the glare ratio inside. The concept is inspired by natural responsive structures of weaverbirds and uses twisting as a mediator between patterns. This structure demonstrates how transitioning flexibly between different patterns, along with twist as a mediator, can meet structural, functional and visual design requirements through the integration of material behavior and computational geometry. By strategically orienting the material parallel or perpendicular to the surface normal, we effectively control the path of sunlight penetration. Additionally, the exterior view also influences material direction, enabling the use of lamellas in areas where a clear view is desired. Overall, our method allows for the seamless integration of design objectives into the form-finding process.

Course Instructors:
Günther H. Filz
Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari
Fereshteh Khojastehmehr

Simon Hilderbrand
Tobia Comploi
Marco Fauser
Leo Hansen

The structure has increased the quality of the interior space by the shadows it makes in the afternoon. The shadow decreases the glaring inside as well as adding to the aesthetic visions.

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