University of Innsbruck

Parametric Engineering Workshop

When: 22-25 March 2022
Where: Aalto University, Department of Engineering, Espoo, Finland
Workshop Tutors:
Mohammad Hassan Saleh Tabari
Fereshteh Khojastehmehr

In this course, we discussed the effective parameters in the pattern of the strips and students explored them based on a pattern-first approach. Through a series of experiments in the digital and physical environment, the form of the structure was found and complemented by Karamba 3D structural analysis.
This 4-day workshop was part of the Parametric Engineering course, for Master students of Architecture and Civil Engineering by Prof. Günther H. Filz.

In a pattern-first approach, students worked with a developed scription from the tutors to model the structural patterns. They also applied structural analysis using Karamba plugin. The final step was to fabricate these structural forms using cardboard papers. Different surface curvatures and various patterns were used.

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