University of Innsbruck

Information on the elective module "interdisciplinary competences"

For this module, courses amounting to 10 ECTS-AP can be freely selected from the Bachelor's programs (for BA Sociology) or Master's programs (for MA Sociology) established at the University of Innsbruck. The courses do not have to be related to each other, nor do they have to be related to sociology. For example, you can combine one course from biology and one from philosophy.


A list of the courses open for this module can be found in the course catalog, in the module "Interdisciplinary Competences" as well as under "Interdisciplinary and Additional Courses". In general, you can also choose all other courses from the BA or MA degree programs of the university with the consent of the course instructor. Write a corresponding note in the comment field when registering for the course.

In order for the courses you have completed to be assigned to the module "Interdisciplinary Competences", you must have them approved. You can find the necessary forms and all further information here


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