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Information on "Individual Focus"

 For the individual focus, modules can be freely selected from the Bachelor's programs (for BA Sociology) or Master's programs (for MA Sociology) established at the University of Innsbruck. The total scope is between 15 or 20 ECTS-AP in BA Sociology and 20 ECTS-AP in MA Sociology. 

In order to achieve a "setting of priorities" within your degree program, there should be a connection between the chosen courses. This can be thematic or methodological. For example, to set a thematic focus on educational inequality, you can combine courses on inequality and education. To set a methodological focus, you can combine courses with an explicit methodological reference as well as courses in which methodological competences are taught on different topics. The connection can, but does not have to, be expressed in the course or module names. The modules can be assigned to different degree programs. The courses you have completed are listed in the appendix to the transcript, so that you can prove your individual focus when applying.

You will find a list of courses that are open for "Individual Focus" in the course catalog, in the module "Interdisciplinary Competences" as well as under "Interdisciplinary and Additional Offerings". In general, you can also choose all other modules from the BA or MA degree programs of the university with the consent of the course instructor. To do so, write a corresponding note in the comment field when registering for the course.

In order for the courses you have completed to be assigned to the "Individual Focus", you must have them recognized. You can find the necessary forms and all further information here.

If you are unsure whether the thematic connection is sufficiently given, you can ask the study officer in advance ( Please explain in your email where you see the thematic or methodological connection. 

In exceptional cases, individual courses can be recognized instead of complete modules. Prior consultation with the study officer is not necessary for this.

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