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General information on LFU:online, OpenOlat, VPN and Webmail


LFU:online is the student portal of the University of Innsbruck. The web-based administration system allows, among other things, the registration for courses, the query of one's own examination results and provides a general overview of the student data. 

General information and functions:
My mailbox
My data
My study applications
My study programs
My examinations
My bookings
My papers

OpenOlat  is a web-based open source learning management system. It was introduced at the University of Innsbruck in 2010 and replaced the commercial Blackboard Learning System purchased in 2000. OpenOlat is primarily used to supplement and virtually accompany face-to-face courses and is used to provide learning content and organise learning activities. 

General information and functions:
LMS Helpcards
OpenOlat manual

The VPN-access  provides access to intranet applications of the University of Innsbruck. With upright access, many books and articles from the library catalog and beyond can be easily downloaded from home.

Download the AnyConnect software to use VPN

General information and usage:
What ist the VPN-access
- Objective of a VPN
- Requirements- Time limit for access- Technical descriptionUses and functionality
- Use AnyConnect / call up later
Further information on the VPN connection
- Problems and solutions

The Webmail Portal enables students of the University of Innsbruck to read and write e-mails directly with their browser without having to install or configure their own mail program. The only requirement is that your mailbox is located on the mail server "".

Attention: Institute users (on the Exchange Server) please use the Outlook Web App Portal!

General information and functions

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