The Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research (PsyKo), as one of two institutes at the Faculty of Education, conducts research and teaching in educational science together with the Institute for Educational Science.

In the educational science degree programmes (Bachelor's degree programme in Educational Science, Master's degree programme in Educational Science, Doctor of Philosophy/Doctoral degree programme in Educational Science), the PsyKo is responsible in particular for teaching and teaching planning in the areas of communication and action skills, educational professionalisation, theory of science, methodology and research methods, theories of development and socialisation, early education/elementary education, psychoanalytic educational science and trauma and conflict.

In addition, the PsyKo offers an extensive range of continuing education courses. The university courses (ULG) and university courses (UK) support graduates of various human and social science fields of study as well as professionals already working in the corresponding professional fields to expand their qualifications and competences.


The research profile at the Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research is characterised by various focal points that form a field of strength.

Teach­ing and research areas

The PsyKo consists of four teaching and research areas.

Fur­ther train­ing offers

University courses (ULG) and university courses (UKI) as specific further and continuing education formats.


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Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research
Ágnes-Heller-Haus, Innrain 52a
6020 Innsbruck
Austria - Austria

+43 (0)512 507 - 44607

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Monday-Friday: 08:00-14:00

Psychotherapeutic Propaedeutic Course

Wolfgang EggerSabrina Hauser


assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Hermann Mitterhofer
Institute Director

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. rer. nat. Pia Andreatta
Deputy Head of Institute

sectoral secretariat

Daniela Stecher
Institute and Teaching Secretariat

Alma Velagic
Institute secretariat

Andrea Kirschner
Institute secretariat

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