University of Innsbruck
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Gina Moseley
Institute of Geology

Sabine Schindler
Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences

Student representatives
Patrick Schmitt / Alzbeta Medvedova
Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences

Coordinating student
Niklas Richter
Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences

Faculty members

Nikolina BanACINN
Alexander GohmACINN
Thomas KarlACINN
Fabien MaussionACINN
Georg MayrACINN
Lindsey NicholsonACINN
Mathias RotachACINN
Sabine SchindlerACINN
Ivana StiperskiACINN
Georg WohlfahrtEcology
Kurt NicolussiGeography
Ulrich StrasserGeography
Gina MoseleyGeology
Christoph SpötlGeology

Student members

Martina Destro
INTERFACE: Investigating the surface energy balance over mountain areas
Anika Donner
Mid-Pleistocene climate change in Greenland: A speleothem-based approach
Fiona FixAtmospheric Deserts
Alexandre Honiat
The subglacial speleothem archive
Christian Lamprecht
Charakterisierung von NOx Quellen in Innsbruck
Yidong Li
Palaeoclimate of Crimea
Alzbeta Medvedova
Climate change projections over the Greater Alpine Region in high-resolution datasets
Samuele Mosso
ERC CoG UNICORN: Developing a novel framework for understanding near-surface turbulence in complex terrain
Arianna Peron
Investigations of BVOC emissions and ozone fluxes in controlled and field conditions
Andreas Rauchoecker
ERC CoG UNICORN: Developing a novel framework for understanding near-surface turbulence in complex terrain
Niklas RichterAtmospheric drivers of glacier change
Mansooreh Sani-Josheghani
Holocene palaeoclimate of Iran
Patrick Schmitt
PROVIDE - Paris Agreement Overshooting - Reversibility, Climate Impacts and Adaption Needs
Lilian Schuster
Certainties and uncertainties in the future surface mass balance of mountain glaciers
Gaspard Simonet
Atmospheric boundary-layer modeling over complex terrain (ASTER)
Mojgan Soleimani
Speleothem-based paleoclimate of Iran
Simon Steidle
Reconstructing the Pleistocene hydroclimate in the United States' Great Basin
Michael Stichaner
Constraining urban methane sources based on direct eddy covariance measurements
Stefan Stöckl
FERUS - Footprint Estimation over Rough Urban Surfaces
Brage Storebakken
Microclimate in climate change - refuges and hotspots in the Bavarian national parks
Lukas Umek
PIANO - Penetration and Interruption of Alpine Foehn
Maria Wind
Atmospheric conditions and exchange processes in sag-type ice caves

Former members

Sebastian Dietz
Matthias Dusch
Charlotte Honiat
Johannes Horak
Philipp Kneringer
Moritz Lang
Tanguy Racine
Maria Siller
Isabell Stucke
Annelies Voordendag
Kathleen Wendt
Anna Wirbel

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