DK CIM winter schools

The aim of the DK CIM winter schools are the presentation and discussion of your PhD work with an interdisciplinary focus.

Due to COVID-19 the winter school 2021 and 2022 could not be held, instead we had a summer school in 2021 and will also have a summer school in 2022:

DK CIM summer school 2022

17.07.-21.07..2022, UZE Obergurgl

DK CIM summer school 2021

26.07.-30.07.2021, UZE Obergurgl

DK CIM winter school 2020

03.02.-06.02.2020, UZE Obergurgl


Acknowledgement in publications

If you publish an article in a journal or conference paper, please acknowledge the DK CIM with the following sentence:

"The author was partially supported by the Doctoral Programme Computational Interdisciplinary Modelling (DK CIM)."

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