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Disability Officer

Ukraine Herz
Due to the current situation, no personal consultations are
currently allowed be held in the Study & Inclusion Office.

I am happy to offer you telephone or virtual calls.

I ask for your understanding.

You can reach me by email
or by phone on 0512 507 8887.


We ask you to schedule an appointment before 

by phone (0512 507 8887 ) or by mail (




PurpleLightup LFUI 2021

Main building of Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck in purple for the International Day of People with Disabilities 


On December 3rd, International Day of People with Disabilities, the #PurpleLightUp campaign will take place worldwide, in which a visible symbol will be set in purple. This day of action aims to make the public aware of the rights and concerns of people with disabilities and to promote their self-determined and equal participation. 
In Tyrol on this day, prominent buildings such as the Rennweg facade of the Hofburg and the Triumphpforte in Maria-Theresien-Strasse shine in purple to show solidarity with the economic self-determination of people with disabilities.



PurpleLightup Logo 2021
Lettering #PurpleLightup in a purple rectangle




Mag. Bettina Jeschke

Disability Officer

Innrain 52c/ GeiWi Tower/ ground floor

Tel.: 0512 / 507 / 8887

Fax.: 0512 / 507 / 2728

E-Mail: bettina.jeschke (at)

Bettina Jeschke





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