Publications (2014 and Before)


Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of Selectively 13C/15N-Labeled RNA for NMR Structural and Dynamics Studies.
Alvarado LJ, Longhini AP, LeBlanc RM, Chen B, Kreutz C, Dayie TK.*
Methods in Enzymology (2014); 549:133-162.  link

Dye label interference with RNA modification reveals 5-fluorouridine as non-covalent inhibitor.
Spenkuch F, Hinze G, Kellner S, Kreutz C, Micura R, Basche T, Helm M.*
Nucleic Acids Res. (2014); 42(20):12735-12745.  link

NMR resonance assignments of the archaeal ribosomal protein L7Ae in the apo form and bound to a 25 nt RNA.
Moschen T, Wunderlich C, Kreutz C, Tollinger M.*
Biomol. NMR Assign. (2014);9:177. link

A gatekeeper helix determines substrate specificity of Sjögren Larsson Syndrome enzyme fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase.
Keller M*, Zander U, Fuchs J, Kreutz C, Watschinger K, Mueller T, Golderer G, Liedl KR, Ralser M, Kräutler B, Werner E, Marquez J.*
Nat. Comm. (2014); 5:4439. link

Magnetic resonance access to transiently formed protein complexes.
Sára T, Schwarz TC, Kurzbach D, Wunderlich C, Kreutz C, Konrat R.*
Chemistry Open (2014); 3(3):115-123. link

Regio-selective Chemical-Enzymatic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleotides Facilitates RNA Structure and Dynamics Studies.
Alvarado LJ, LeBlanc RM, Longhini AP, Keane SC, Niyati J, Yildiz ZF, Tolbert BS, D’Souza VM, Summers MF,
Kreutz C, Dayie TK.*
ChemBioChem (2014); 15(11):1573-1577. link

Surprising base pairing and structural properties of 2'-Trifluoromethythio-Modified RNA.
Kosutic M, Jud L, Da Veiga C, Frener M, Fauster K, Kreutz C, Ennifar E*, Micura R.*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2014); 136(18):6656-6663. link 


A novel paramagnetic relaxation enhancement tag for nucleic acids: A tool to study structure and dynamics of RNA.
Wunderlich CH, Huber RG, Spitzer R, Liedl KR, Kloiber K, Kreutz C*
ACS Chem. Biol. (2013);8(12):2697-2706. link

Efficient fluorophores based on pyridyl-enolato and enamido difluoroboron complexes: Simple alternatives to boron-dipyrromethene (bodipy) dyes.
Graser M, Kopacka  H, Wurst K, Ruetz M, Kreutz C, Müller T, Hirtenlehner C, Monkowius U, Knoer G, Bildstein B.* 
Inorganica Chimica Acta (2013); 405:116–120.

A personal perspective on chemistry driven RNA research.
Micura R*, Kreutz C*, Breuker K.*
Biopolymers (2013); 99(12):1114-1123. link 


2'-SCF3 Uridine-A Powerful Label for Probing Structure and Function of RNA by 19F-NMR Spectroscopy.
Fauster K, Kreutz C, Micura R.*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. (2012); 51(52):13080-13084.

Pseudoknot preorganization of the preQ1 class I riboswitch.
Santner T#, Rieder U#, Kreutz C*, Micura R.*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2012); 134(29):11928-11931. link 
# these authors contributed equally

Synthesis of 6-13C-pyrimidine nucleotides as Spin-Labels for RNA dynamics.
Wunderlich CH, Spitzer R, Santner T, Fauster K, Tollinger M, Kreutz C*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2012); 134(17):7558-7569. link 


Longitudinal exchange: an alternative strategy towards quantification of dynamics parameters in ZZ exchange spectroscopy.
Kloiber K, Spitzer R, Grutsch S, Kreutz C, Tollinger M.*
J. Biomol. NMR (2011); 51(1-2):123-129.

Mössbauer Spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction Study of 57Fe-labeled Tetrachloroferrate(III)-Based Magnetic Ionic Liquids.
Herber RH, Nowik I, Kostner ME, Kahlenberg V, Kreutz C, Laus G, Schottenberger H.*
Int. J. Mol. Sci. (2011); 12(10):6397-6406.

Minor Groove Binders and Drugs Targeting Proteins Cover Complementary Regions in Chemical Space.
Fuchs JE, Spitzer GM, Javed A, Biela A, Kreutz C, Wellenzohn B, Liedl KR.*
J. Chem. Inf. Model. (2011); 51(9):2223-2232.

Kinetics of DNA refolding via longitudinal exchange NMR spectroscopy.
Spitzer R, Kloiber K, Tollinger M, Kreutz C.*
ChemBioChem (2011); 12(13):2007-2010. link

Probing RNA dynamics via longitudinal exchange and CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy using a sensitive 13C-methyl label.
Kloiber K, Spitzer R, Tollinger M, Konrat R, Kreutz C.*
Nucleic Acids Research (2011); 39(19):4340-4351. link


N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) derivatives of 1,3-di(benzyloxy)imidazolium salts.
Laus G, Wurst K, Kahlenberg V, Kopacka H, Kreutz C, Schottenberger H.*
Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, B - A Journal of Chemical Sciences (2010),  65(7),  776-782.

Hypermodified Fluorescent Chlorophyll Catabolites: Source of Blue Luminescence in Senescent Leaves. Banala S, Moser S, Müller T, Kreutz C, Holzinger A, Lütz C, Kräutler B.*
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. (2010); 49(30):5174-5177.

Folding of a transcriptionally acting preQ1 riboswitch.
Rieder U, Kreutz C, Micura R.*
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (2010); 107(24):10804-10809.


5-Fluoro pyrimidines: labels to probe DNA and RNA secondary structures by 1D 19F NMR spectroscopy.
Puffer B, Kreutz C, Rieder U, Ebert MO, Konrat R, Micura R.*
Nucleic Acids Research (2009); 37(22):7728-7740.

Evidence for Pseudoknot Formation of Class I preQ1 Riboswitch Aptamers.
Rieder U, Lang K, Kreutz C, Polacek N, Micura R.*
ChemBioChem (2009); 10(7):1141-1144.

Quaternary 4-Amino-1,2,4-triazolium Salts: Crystal Structures of Ionic Liquids and N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Complexes.
Schwärzler A, Laus G, Kahlenberg V, Wurst K, Gelbrich T, Kreutz C, Kopacka H, Bonn G, Schottenberger H.*
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung Section B – A Journal of Chemical Sciences (2009); 64b:603-616.


Effects of N2,N2-dimethylguanosine on RNA structure and stability: crystal structure of an RNA duplex with tandem m22G:A pairs.
Pallan PS, Kreutz C, Bosio S, Micura R*, Egli M.*
RNA (2008); 14(10):2125-35.

Synthesis and crystal structures of 1-alkoxy-3-alkylimidazolium salts including ionic liquids, 1-alkylimidazole 3-oxides and 1-alkylimidazole perhydrates.
Laus G, Schwärzler A, Bentivoglio G, Hummel M, Kahlenberg V, Wurst K, Kristeva E, Schütz J, Kopacka H, Kreutz C, Bonn G, Andriyko Y, Nauer G, Schottenberger H.*
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung Section B – A Journal of Chemical Sciences (2008); 63b:447-464.


Crystal structure, stability and in vitro RNAi activity of oligoribonucleotides containing the ribo-difluorotoluyl nucleotide: insights into substrate requirements by the human RISC Ago2 enzyme.
Li F, Pallan PS, Maier MA, Rajeev KG, Mathieu SL, Kreutz C, Fan Y, Sanghvi J, Micura R, Rozners E, Manoharan M, Egli M.*
Nucleic Acids Research (2007); 35(19):6424-38.


Synthesis, oxidation behavior, crystallization and structure of 2'-methylseleno guanosine containing RNAs.
Moroder H, Kreutz C, Lang K, Serganov A*, Micura R.*
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2006); 128(30):9909-18.

Preparation of 2'-deoxy-2'-methylseleno-modified phosphoramidites and RNA.
Micura R, Höbartner C, Rieder R, Kreutz C, Puffer B, Lang K, Moroder H.
Curr. Protoc. Nucleic Acid Chem. (2006); Chapter 1: Unit 1.15.

A general approach for the identification of site-specific RNA binders by 19F NMR spectroscopy: proof of concept.
Kreutz C, Kaehlig H, Konrat R*, Micura R.*
Angew .Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. (2006); 45(21): 3450-3.


Syntheses of RNAs with up to 100 nucleotides containing site-specific 2'-methylseleno labels for use in X-ray crystallography.
Höbartner C, Rieder R, Kreutz C, Puffer B, Lang K, Polonskaia A, Serganov A, Micura R.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2005); 127(34):12035-45.

Ribose 2'-F labeling: a simple tool for the characterization of RNA secondary structure equilibria by 19F NMR spectroscopy.
Kreutz C, Kählig H, Konrat R*, Micura R*.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2005); 127(33):11558-9.


The synthesis of 2'-O-[(triisopropylsilyl)oxy]methyl (TOM) phosphoramidites of methylated ribonucleosides (m1G, m2G, m22G, m1I, m3U, m4C, m6A, m62A) for use in automated RNA solid-phase synthesis.
Hoebartner C, Kreutz C, Flecker E, Ottenschlaeger E, Pils W, Grubmayr K, Micura R.
Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly (2003); 134:851-873.

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