Ringvorlesung WORLDMAKING pt.2

Materielle und immaterielle Welten - Teil 2 der Studio2 Ringvorlesungen 2018

11. bis 15. Juni 2018

am Institut für Gestaltung, Studio2
Technikerstraße 21, 2.OG Süd

Interactive Technology in Dance Performance

Alexander Whitely
11 June 2018, 6.00 p.m.

Alexander Whitely is a choreographer working at the cutting edge of British contemporary dance. As artistic director of Alexander Whitley Dance Company he has developed a reputation for a bold interdisciplinary approach to dance making, producing technologically innovative and thought provoking stage productions as well as exploring the creative possibilities being opened up by new digital platforms.

Iterative Processes in Design - Feed-Back and Forward

Chris Leung
12 June 2018, 6.00 p.m.

Chris Leung trained as an architect at the Bartlett School of Architecture. His work follows an interdisciplinary path, with a strong focus on the relation of human building experience and manufacturing possibilities and technical innovations.

Designing for Performance

Paul Bavister
14 June 2018, 6.00 p.m.

Paul Bavister is an award winning architect dealing primarily in buildings for performance and architectural research. He trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture where he developed an interest in acoustics and performance spaces. Paul is an active member of sound art group Audialsense.

Multi-Sensory Storytelling for Immersive Media

Ersin Ersinhan
15 June 2018, 3.00 p.m.

Ersin Ersinhan is an based artist and director. He is part of the experiential studio Marshmallow Laser Feast. Ersin’s art practice combines a wide range of disciplines including sculpture, installation, live performance, and mixed reality. His work focuses on the relationship between real and orchestrated experiences. Utilising computation and technology, he examines the functions and structure of nature, human perception, spatialisation and movement.

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