WAITING LAND - Karen Lohrmann, Stefano de Martino

The Campo gallery in Rome shows a series of collages, drawings, photographs, scaled replica, multiples, and a story board as comments on the landscape we live in. 21.06. - 21.07.2017

Exhibition opening 21.06.2017, 18.30

“Waiting Land” is at once place and condition. It manifests through poor spatial formations and low-res visuals. It shows the actual landscape as the image of the world and what happens in it. Over time, landscape has transformed from a specific and framed image or representation to an immersive rendering as an all encompassing ambience. Our view of landscape has also expanded — not necessarily in precision (which, no doubt, would have been a desirable effect), but in a kaleidoscope-like manner. Now, landscape combines narrations, media and technologies, generating speculation, orientation and information.

Galleria CAMPO, via della Marrana 94, Roma


Galleria CAMPO  

published by DOMUS  

Institut für Gestaltung - Gestaltung 1

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