University of Innsbruck

Work Package 4 – Engaging Communities


WP 4


Main objectives within this work package

  • Make collaboration with external stakeholders and students regular practice in education, research and outreach – at local, national, European, and global levels.

The following activities will contribute in achieving this objective:

Aurora Co-creation Practice

Make co-creation a generally accepted embedded practice with academics skilled in co-creation as a technique.

Aurora Academic Collaboration

Develop academic collaboration within Aurora towards the intra-Alliance optimum, enhancing cross-fertilisation between education and research.

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Develop Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation as a common field of expertise at Alliance level.

Aurora Capacity Development Support Programme

Narrow the gap in quality in higher education & research in different parts of Europe by supporting universities in Central and Eastern Europe and Neighbouring Countries in strengthening their capacity for academic excellence and societal relevance.

Aurora Institute

Express and enhance the identity of the Aurora European University Alliance as an European institution in its own right, beyond the identity of the individual member universities of the Alliance.

Involved experts from Universität Innsbruck

Aurora Co-creation Practice

  • Isabella Göschl, Office for Staff Development

Research Platforms

  • Friedrich Gaigg, Office of the Vice Rector for Research
  • Gundula Weingartner, Office of the Vice Rector for Research

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Kerstin Neumann, Department for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism

Aurora Capacity Development Support programme

  • Barbara Tasser, International Services

Aurora Institute

  • Thomas Baumgartner, Aurora European Universities Office
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