University of Innsbruck

Work Package 2 – Quality Management

WP 2

Main objectives within this work package 

  • Our Management & Leadership (WP1), Quality Management (WP 2) as well as Sustainability & Dissemination (WP6) work packages will ensure that we achieve the objectives laid out in our substantive work packages WP 3, WP 4 and WP 5. The red thread running through these supportive activities is the holistic approach involving all Aurora members in all activities, in addition to the contribution of all activities to the building of the Aurora Alliance as a new European University with its own identity and culture, and the cross-fertilisation of ideas and outputs across the substantive work packages.

The following activities will contribute in achieving this objective:

Aurora Quality Systems

To set up an integrated quality management system, in which all work package teams and all activity teams share responsibility.

Aurora Quality Culture

Foster a culture that enhances relevance-coherence-effectiveness-efficiency-impact-sustainability of task execution.

Aurora Internal Quality Monitoring

All tasks, processes and deliverables are regularly assessed.

Aurora External Quality Monitoring

Set up an external quality board for critical independent analysis and reflection.

Aurora Quality Enhancement

Recommendations of the quality team and the external quality board are implemented in order to enhance the overall quality of the programme.

Involved Experts from Universität Innsbruck:

  • Christine Fahringer, Coordinator Quality Management