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AIANI Guest Lecture: „Language (Education) Policy in Israel”


Introducing Dr Stavans
Prof. Jessner-Schmid introducing Prof. Stavans

Prof. Anat Stavans from the Applied Linguistics division of the English Department at Beit Berl Academic College (Israel) gave a guest lecture on February 3 2016 at the University of Innsbruck. In her presentation, Prof. Stavans discussed central issues concerning Multilingual Language Policy and Planning in general and Educational Language Policy in particular. Israel as a multilingual and multicultural country that has dealt and is still dealing with a linguistically, ethnically and culturally heterogenous population, served as a good case study.





Conferences 2016


10th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism

Vienna, Austria

Lecture: “Building on the M-factor: Strategies in decoding an unknown language”



18th Summer School of Psycholinguistics

Balatonalmádi, Hungary

Lecture: “Multilingual awareness in Ln learners’ strategies and processing”