Institute for Ion Physics and Applied Physics

The focus of research at our institute is on understanding and control of complex physical interactions. The research areas range from experimental and theoretical basic research to applications, and touch besides molecular physics, bio physics, nano physics, physical chemistry and environmental physics also aspects of astro physics, plasma physics and biology.

Important topics of concern are the dynamical processes of chemical reactions and the ageing of biomolecules, interactions in laboratory and space plasmas of our solar system and galaxy, or environmental changes and the growing demand for energy on earth.

In addition to many international scientific collaborations, the institute is cooperating successfully with a range of business companies. This opens up versatile scientific and professional career oppurtunities for students in physics. Members of the institute have so far founded ten high-tech companies, which provided more than 1000 jobs.

Head of Institute:

Univ.Prof. Dr. Roland Wester  
Address: Technikerstr. 25/3,
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
How to reach the institute
Research groups Chemical Physics: Univ.Prof. Dr. Martin Beyer
  Environmental Physics / IMR: Univ.Prof. Dr. Armin Hansel
  Nano-Bio Physics: Univ.Prof. Dr. Paul Scheier
  Molecular Systems: Univ.Prof. Dr. Roland Wester
  Complex Systems: Assoz.Prof. Dr. Alexander Kendl
  Numerical Chemistry: Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Michael Probst
Associated groups Atmospherical Chemistry: Dr. Armin Wisthaler
Emeriti Applied Physics: em. o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Erwin Hochmair
  Experimental Plasma Physics: Ao.Univ.Prof. i. R. Dr. Roman Schrittwieser