Master of Arts Program
in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation

MA Program for Peace Studies

Maybe the best Peace Studies Program in the world,
certainly the toughest!


* Now available in print: Variationen über die vielen Frieden (Band 3): Elicitive Conflict Mapping. This volume completes Wolfgang Dietrich´s trilogy. Based on the philosophical foundations of volume 1 and the methodical didactic considerations of volume 2 volume 3 presents Elicitive Conflict Mapping as a practical tool of applied conflict work. English translation forthcoming in 2016.

* Now available on Youtube: UNESCO Chairholder Wolfgang Dietrich explains the Transrational Peace Philosophy and the Innsbruck approach to Elicitive Conflict Transformation as published in the Many Peaces Series.

* The online phase of the Summer Term 2015 will take place from March 23th to June 08th 2015 and the presence phase from June 28th to August 22nd 2015.

* The online phase of the Winter Term 2015/16 will take place from September 14th to December 07th 2015 and the presence phase from January 10th to March 05th 2016.

* The online phase of the Summer Term 2016 will take place from March 28th to June 13th 2016 and the presence phase from July 3rd to August 27th 2016.




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The MA Program for Peace Studies, its staff, faculty members and students mourn the passing of Cynthia Patricia Camacho Mariscal, student during the summer term of 2002 and cherished friend of many here.