Contact and Directions

Viktor-Franz-Hess Haus

Head of the Institute Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gregor Weihs 
  +43 (512) 507 52400
Secretary Oberhöler Carina-Theresa 
  +43 (512) 507 52401




Institut für Experimentalphysik
Technikerstraße 25
6020 Innsbruck


+43 (512) 507 52411 Götsch-Obmascher Christine
+43 (512) 507 52438 Holzer Gaby
+43 (512) 507 52451 Moser Patricia
+43 (512) 507 52513 Rupprechter Renate
+43 (512) 507 52551 Oberhöler Carina-Theresa





+43 (512) 507 52499 Institute                               
+43 (512) 507 52599 Photonics


Getting here by...

Leave the main railway station, turn right (north) into the "Bruneckerstrasse", go along this street, then turn right, cross the railway line (subway) and the "Amraserstr.", turn left, cross the street, and go to the bus stop "Sillpark" of bus line "O" (map). If the bus has the final stop "Technik West" (each third bus), then leave the bus at this station. If you choose the bus "Peerhofsiedlung" or "Allerheiligen", then leave the bus at the stop "Technik". (bus timetable)

Leave the highway at the exit "Völs - Kranebitten", drive along the "Kranebitter Allee" to the roundabout junction, turn left and drive along the "Technikerstrasse". (map)

Enter bus "F" at the airport, leave it at the stop "Fürstenweg" (bus timetable), go along the street and turn left and cross the street to the bus stop "Fürstenweg" of the bus line "O" and leave this bus at the stop "Technik". (bus timetable)

Drive along the "Fürstenweg" to the city (east), turn left into the "Fischerhäuslweg", turn left into the "Kranebitter Allee" and then right into the "Technikerstraße". (map)

From Best Western Hotel Mondschein, Hotel Maximilian or Best Western Hotel Goldener Adler to bus stop "Marktplatz" of bus line "O". (bus timetable)