Welcome to the Institute for Experimental Physics

Astronomische Standuhr

at the Faculty for Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics at the University of Innsbruck. We conduct experimental research in many areas of physics, in particular quantum information, spectroscopy, quantum optics, cold atoms, quantum gases, solid state physics, photonics, and superconducting quantum circuits.

Our faculty teaches most of the experimental physics courses and lab courses in the Physics Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

We have a long history starting in the year 1742 with the creation of an "armarium" of instruments for physical experiments and observations. Many precious items have been conserved and exhibited on our Museum pages. The highlight is our astronomical clock (see picture) that was given to the institute in 1776 by empress Maria Theresia.

News & Events

2016-01-12: 2nd ERC grant for Francesca Ferlaino [German]

2015-12-29: Sabbatical term of G.Solomon [German]

2015-11-26: Ignaz L.Lieben-Prize for Francesca Ferlaino [German]

2015-10-21: FWF grants ten new projects (Moonjoo Lee) [German]

2015-08-17: Bell-Prize for Rainer Blatt [German]

2015-07-17: FWF grants nine new projects (Weihs Gregor) [German]

2015-07-08: The Year of Light (Tiroler Tageszeitung, Ferlaino Francesca) [German]

2015-06-26: Best Student Paper Awards 2015 (Meinert Felix-Florian) [German]

2015-06-11: START Prize for Ben Lanyon [German]

2015-04-16: Consonance between Micromechanics and a Circuit

2015-03-24: FWF grants eight new projects [German] (Keil Robert)

2015-01-15: Improved interface for a quantum internet

2014-11-21: Tyrolean Science Award for Rainer Blatt [German]

2014-11-13: Ultracold and unbreakable [German]

2014-09-19: New Insights into the World of Quantum Materials

2014-07-18: Error tracking in quantum memory [German] 

2014-07-10: New Paths into the World of Quasiparticles

2014-07-01: Five Physicists under Highly Cited Researchers 2014 [German]

2014-06-30: Time-bin entangled photons from a quantum dot [German]

2014-06-16: Long-range tunneling of quantum particles

2014-06-13: Quantum Computation: Fragile yet Error-free

2014-05-13: Quantum Trimer – From a Distance

2014-04-09: Talk by Prof. Blatt in the series "Die Grenzen meiner Wissenschaft - die Grenzen meiner Welt?" [schedule] [German]

2014-03-24: Three-particle entanglement test

2014-03-20: ÖAW scholarships awarded  [German] (Huber Tobias, Martinez Esteban)

2014-03-13: Quantum Chaos in Ultracold Gas Discovered

2014-02-25: 4. Day of Phyiscs [German]


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