Welcome to the Institute for Experimental Physics

Astronomische Standuhr

at the Faculty for Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics at the University of Innsbruck. We conduct experimental research in many areas of physics, in particular quantum information, spectroscopy, quantum optics, cold atoms, quantum gases, solid state physics, photonics, and superconducting quantum circuits.

Our faculty teaches most of the experimental physics courses and lab courses in the Physics Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

We have a long history starting in the 1742 with the creation of an "armarium" of instruments for physical experiments and observations. Many precious items have been conserved and exhibited on our Museum pages. The highlight is our astronomical clock (see picture) that was given to the institute in 1776 by empress Maria Theresia.

News & Events

2014-04-09: Invitation to the talk of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Blatt within the special lecture series "Die Grenzen meiner Wissenschaft - die Grenzen meiner Welt?" [schedule] [German]

2014-03-24: Three-particle entanglement test

2014-03-20: ÖAW scholarships awarded  [German] 
                     (Tobias H., Martinez E.)

2014-03-13: Quantum Chaos in Ultracold Gas Discovered

2014-02-25: 4. Day of Phyiscs [German]

2013-12-17: IQOQI PhD.-Prize awarded [German]

2013-12-12 Invitation: Prize Award Ceremony [German]

2013-12-12 Invitation: Retirement of Professors (ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Walter Seidenbusch) [German]

2013-11-28: Florian Schreck gets ERC Consolidator Grant [German]

2013-11-05: Inaugural lecture of Prof. Gerhard Kirchmair

2013-10-22: Francesca Ferlaino selected by Alexander von Humbold-Foundation for a Professorship [German]

2013-10-03: On the Horizon: A Quantum Internet

2013-09-27: Quantum Memory Protection [German]

2013-09-20: Quantum-Nano-Centre granted [German]

2013-08-05: An infallible quantum measurement

2013-07-09: Detection of single photons via quantum entanglement

2013-07-05: Rainer Blatt awarded by Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation [German]

2013-06-17: Young scientists awarded [German]

2013-06-14: Quantum Physics in the fridge [German]

2013-05-22: Competition in the Quantum World

2013-05-16: Observation of Second Sound in a Quantum Gas

2013-03-28: Photon pairs from quantum dots [German]

2013-03-20: Simply entangled throughout the distance [German]

2013-03-12: FWF Lise-Meitner-Grant goes to Kiyotaka Aikawa [German]

2013-02-21: Prof. Rainer Blatt honored [German]

2013-02-18: Playing quantum tricks with measurements

2013-02-06: New generation of ion traps [German]

2013-02-05: Into the quantum internet at the speed of light

2013-01-22: Invitation to the inaugural lecture of Dr. Francesca Ferlaino


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