Conference Venue

Obergurgl is located in the Ă–tztal in Tyrol (the 5200/5300 years old mummy "Oetzi the Iceman" was named after the valley and was found in a nearby glacier). It is a prominent skiing resort in winter and a nice and relaxing alpine resort in summer.

The University Center

The conference will be held at the University Center Obergurgl, which is associated with the University of Innsbruck. The Obergurgl University Center is located at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea-level, right by the ski slopes and just five minutes from the heart of the village.

Ski Rentals and Ski Passes

Discounts on ski passes are available by booking online in advance. There are NO discounts directly at the counter.

The University Center Obergurgl collaborates with Scheiber Sport for renting equipment. Ask at the reception for discount vouchers.