Conference Program

Please find the program and the book of abstracts as of Feb 23 below.

Extended Abstracts: If an extended abstract is available you can find it as a PDF below. The IDs correspond to the IDs mentioned in the book of abstracts.


Talks Monday, 26 February

Gerhard Rempe: Entanglement Made Scalable
Susanne Yelin: Quantum chemistry on a programmable quantum simulator
Raphael Holzinger: Harnessing quantum emitter rings for efficient energy transport and trapping 14
Hans Briegel: Towards explainable AI in quantum science
Daniel Malz: Preparing tensor network states on quantum devices
Alessandro Zenesini: Observation of false vacuum decay in a ferromagnetic superfluid 9
Roman Schnabel: Quantum Correlated Light - Routinely used in Gravitational Wave Detectors
Barak Dayan: Routing of Photonic Qubits for Quantum RAM with a Single Atom
Karol Gietka: Temperature-enhanced critical metrology
Thomas Juffmann: Optical Electrons and Light - Imaging and Information

Talks Tuesday, 27 February

Giovanna Morigi: Quantum solitons in frustrated Wigner crystals
Corinna Kollath: Ultracold atoms in optical cavities
Axel Kuhn: How to administer an antidote to Schrödinger's cat 50
Tobias Donner: Engineering of many-body states in a driven-dissipative cavity QED system
David Weld: Probing quantum dynamics with strongly driven ultracold atoms
Valentin Walther: Rydberg polaritons at the boundary of weak and strong coupling
Stefan Rotter: Fisher Information in Electromagnetic Scattering
Stefan Schäffer: Lasing regimes for self-organization in a driven thermal atomic gas
David Hunger: Color centers in diamond as optically addressable spin qubits 121
Marko Cetina: Error-correction in Long Ion Chains 119

Talks Wednesday, 28 February

Eugene Polzik: Quantum magnetic induction tomography
Darrick Chang: The maximum refractive index of optical materials: from quantum optics to quantum chemistry
Nicolas Cerf: Anomalous photon bunching 126
Antonio Acin: Certification of many-body systems
Hepeng Yao: Strongly-interacting bosons at dimensional crossover: single-particle correlation and anomalous cooling 37
Matthias Bock: Spin squeezing and entanglement generation in two-dimensional ion crystals with up to 105 ions
Simon Cornish: Deterministic preparation of ultracold RbCs molecules in magic-wavelength optical tweezers 137

Talks Thursday, 29 February

Mikhail Lukin: Exploring quantum error correction frontier with programmable atom arrays
Nadine Meyer: On-chip hybrid potentials for levitation experiments
Michael Köhl: Machine-learning the phase diagram of the BEC/BCS crossover
David Weiss: The limits of Generalized Hydrodynamics
Timo Zwettler: Universal Self-Organization Dynamics in a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas 33
Ronen Kroeze: Replica symmetry breaking in a quantum-optical vector spin glass
Aephraim Steinberg: Quantum Ötzi: piecing together the past of quantum systems
Zhichao GUO: Neutral Atoms in Tweezer Arrays for Hybrid Rydberg Quantum Computing 92
Hans Keßler: Route to chaos in an atom-cavity system 15
Simon Balthasar Jäger: Dissipative Dicke time crystals: an atoms’ point of view

Talks Friday, 1 March

Tracy Northup: Entanglement of trapped-ion qubits separated by 230 m
Sebastian Will: Making and exploring Bose-Einstein condensates of dipolar molecules 156
Wolfgang Dür: Modular computation architecture based on locally controlled logical systems 12
Holger Mueller: New approaches to atom interferometry
Iris Agresti: Experimental superposition of time directions 23
Philipp Haslinger: Electron – Photon Pairs in Transmission Electron Microscopy 90
Lee Rozema: A scalable quantum switch for a genuine indefinite causal order 138
Andras Vukics: Experiments with subradiant atomic ensembles in a high-finesse optical cavity 56
Adi Pick: Adiabatic protocols in Lindbladian systems 54
Maximilian Prüfer: Preparation, dynamics and extraction of entanglement in one-dimensional BECs 80


Murad Abuzarli: Non-Hermitian dynamics and nonreciprocity of two optically coupled nanoparticles 47
Francesco Atzori: Single-pair measurement of the Bell parameter 96
Nico Baßler: Metasurface-based hybrid optical cavities for chiral sensing 72
Anael Ben-Asher: Non-Hermitian Anharmonicity Induces Single-Photon Emission 124
Rohit Prasad Bhatt: A cavity-microscope for micrometer-scale control of atom-photon interactions 70
Sławomir Bilicki: Experimental set-up for loading Sr atoms into a hollow-core fibre 45
Anna Bychek: Superradiant two-level laser with intrinsic light force generated gain 32
Dmitry Bykov: Hybrid ion-nanoparticle system 89
Andrea Caprotti: Free-parameter optimisation for efficient shadow tomography
Lorenzo Carosini: Reconfigurable time-bin processor for multi-photon quantum interference. 18
David Castells Graells: Cavity QED using atomic mirrors 118
Silvia Casulleras: Optimal Static Potentials for Robust Macroscopic Quantum State Generation of Levitated Nanoparticles 120
Yuao Chen: Observation of antiferromagnetic phase transition in the fermionic Hubbard model 141
Nikolaus de Zordo: Towards strong coupling of polar molecules to a superconducting resonator
Pau Farrera: Vacuum mediated two photon emission by a single atom 113
Martin Fasser: Controllable Energy Transport and Superabsorption in Large Atomic Ensembles inside a Hollow-Core Fiber
Lukas Fiderer: TBD
Fulvio Flamini: Towards interpretable quantum machine learning via single-photon quantum walks
Brandon Furey: Precision spectroscopy and quantum information with trapped molecular ions 111
Maria Gieysztor: Microscopy with heralded Fock states 73
FRANCESCO GIORGINO: Multi-photon emission from a resonantly pumped quantum dot 44
Giuliano Giudici: Unraveling PXP Many-Body Scars through Floquet Dynamics
Daniel González-Cuadra: Higher-order topological Peierls insulator in a two-dimensional atom-cavity system 98
Sumit Goswami: Generating scalable graph states in an atom-nanophotonic interface 134
Matthias Gritzner: Towards a Sagnac photon-pair source for uplink spaceborne QKD 71
Catalin-Mihai Halati: Non-equilibrium dissipative dynamics of interacting bosonic atoms coupled to an optical cavity
JUNYU HE: Three-Photon Transfer and Inelastic Collisions in $^{84}$Sr 94
Marvin Holten: Cavity-based Quantum Processor: Engineering Entanglement with Programmable Connectivity 43
Christoph Hotter: Cavity Sub- to Superradiance Transition with Application to Ramsey Spectroscopy 42
Pedro Ildefonso:
Błażej Jaworowski: Laughlin-like physics in small subwavelength atom arrays 74
Teresa Karanikolaou: Near-resonant light scattering by an atom in a state-dependent trap 36
Berend Klaver: SWAP-less Implementation of Quantum Algorithms on Linear Architectures
Arkadiusz Kosior: Non-equilibrium Wannier-Stark photon condensate
Ronen Kroeze: Towards simulation of lattice gauge theories with ultracold ytterbium atoms in hybrid optical potentials
Martin Lanthaler: Rydberg-blockade-based parity quantum optimization
Niclas Luick: Rymax-One: A neutral atom quantum processor to solve optimization problems
Matteo Magoni: Coupled spin-phonon dynamics in Rydberg tweezer arrays
Arunava Majumder: Variational measurement-based quantum computation for generative modeling 112
Natalia Masalaeva: Tuning photon-mediated interactions in a multimode cavity: from supersolid to insulating droplets hosting phononic excitations
Leon Meßner: Monolithic source for narrow-band photon pairs using down-conversion in ppKTP
Farokh Mivehvar: Conventional and unconventional Dicke models: Multistabilities and nonequilibrium dynamics
Sasan Moradi: Optical Quantum Information Encoder: Implications for Quantum Computing Applications 62
Gorka Muñoz-Gil: Diffusion models: from quantum circuit synthesis to experiment generation
Frederik Møller: Probing the emergent physics of quasi-1D Bose gases 25
Kai Müller: A stochastic approach to exact dynamics and tunneling in the generalized open Dicke Model
Laurin Ostermann: Polarization control of radiation and energy flow in dipole-coupled nanorings
Arpita Pal: Synthetic nanoscale quantum emitter rings for efficient excitation transport 8
Jonah Peter: Chirality Dependent Photon Transport and Helical Superradiance 11
Hendrik Poulsen Nautrup: Measurement-based quantum computation from Clifford quantum cellular automata
Nicola Reiter: Spin- and momentum-correlated atom pairs mediated by photon exchange and seeded by vacuum fluctuations 105
Sofia Ribeiro: Influence of direct dipole-dipole interaction on the optical response of 2D materials in inhomogeneous infrared cavity fields 58
Dalila Robledo de Basabe: Design of a New Apparatus for Dipolar Quantum Gases Strongly Coupled to Cavity QED 107
Oriol Rubies Bigorda: Collectively enhanced ground-state cooling in subwavelength atomic arrays 40
Marco Schmauser: Optical integration with femto-second laser written waveguides
Efi Shahmoon: Quantum entanglement at the origin of classical radiation
Jim Skulte: Dynamical phases and technological applications of atom-cavity systems
Mohammadamin Tajik: Quantum simulation of effective field theories using one-dimensional Bose gases 129
Mohsen Talebi: Dark state transport between unitary Fermi superfluids
Alexandra Tofful: Motivating quantum-enhanced metrology with an ion-based optical atomic clock 69
Luisa Tolle: Dynamic control of fermionic many body quantum systems 84
Roberto Tricarico: Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation for Rydberg-blockade processes 140
Thomas Werner: All-optical superconducting qubit readout 75
Bennet Windt: Effects of time delays on superradiant decay in chiral waveguide QED
Tianwei Zhou: Strongly interacting lattice fermions with synthetic dimensions: from universal Hall response to Hall voltage measurement 35
Aleksandra Ziolkowska: Beyond mean-field dynamics in multi-level cavity QED