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Lunch Discussion Meetings

The purpose of these meetings is to bring together the Postdocs and PhD students of the SFB in an informal setting to discuss specific topics relevant to the SFB including discussing methodology (behavioural and neurobiological) currently being utilised within our network, new methodology currently being introduced, highlighting problems with a particular method and brainstorming potential solutions, in addition to getting to know our topics better. Our Lunch Discussion Meetings were organized by Dr. Nigel Whittle, Dr. Claudia Schmuckermair and Dr. Bruno Benedetti. Currently, the LDMs are supervised by Dr. Nadine Ortner.


2nd Funding Period

Goals: Increasing interactions between young scientists within the SFB-44 consortium; supporting young scientists in a friendly and PI-free environment.

Strategy: Teams will be formed. Each team will pick a science-related subject and moderate a meeting about it. Best topics / presentations will be proposed for outreach activity such as public workshops within larger academic initiatives.

Outcomes: SFB-44 young members will develop skills of teamwork, increase their knowledge and science-related skills, increase the visibility of SFB-44 in public events, and provide useful contributions to Innsbruck Universities welfare.


3rd Joined SFB & CavX Lunch Discussion Meeting, April 24th 2019 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • The participants took the possibility to practice their poster presentations or oral presentations for the Life Science PhD Meeting 2019, April 25-26 in Innsbruck.

2nd Joined SFB & CavX Lunch Discussion Meeting, March 26th 2019 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • Stefanie Geisler and Nadine Ortner will take the chance to practice their talks for the upcoming International Calcium Channel Conference, March 31 - April 5, 2019 in Penang, Malaysia and we will discusss which topics will be covered next and who will participate in the presentation of These topics.

1st Joined SFB & CavX Lunch Discussion Meeting, February 6th 2019 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • We would like to combine both communities and hold this LDMs together. The purpose of These meetings is to meet, eat, talk about science and also help each other. In this first Joined Lunch Discussion Meeting we do a brainstorming on which topics both communities would like to cover.

26th Lunch Discussion Meeting, October 23rd 2018 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • This time, Lucia and Hartwig will show us how to do data analysis (of electrophysiology recordings) using the software MATLAB. Anita and Nadja wil also show us, how to analyse HEK-cell patch-clamp recordings using the softwares Clampfit and SigmaPlot

25th Lunch Discussion Meeting, May 29th 2018 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • During this session, Anita and Nadja will give us an introduction into the magic of electrophysiology in HEK293 cells while Lucia and Hartwig will enlight us about the dark magic of slice electrophysiology: we will learn something about the patch -clamp setup, what to prepare for a recording day and most importantly - what do these fancy plots you always see in our presentations in the end tell you!

24th Lunch Discussion Meeting, March13th 2018 organized by Nadine Ortner:

  • During this session, Irem Kilicarslan and Anita Siller will give us an insight in their methods/work: Irem will talk about immunohistochemical stainings in mouse retinas and confocal microscopy, whereas Anita will give us an introduction in looking at protein interactions using microscopy as well as biochemical approaches. 

23rd Lunch Discussion Meeting, December 5th 2017 organized by Nadine Ortner and Conor Murphy:

  • At this lunch discussion, Prof. Hüttenhofer will give insight into the wonderful world of RNAs, what they do and importantly for us, how to analyze them. Prof. Hüttenhofer and his group run the Universtiy's core sequencing facility and therefore is the perfect Person to inform us on the different aspects one must think of when Setting up experiments profiling the transcriptome.

22nd Lunch Discussion Meeting, November 22nd 2017 organized by Nadine Ortner and Conor Murphy:

  • Sinead, Tom and Josep will give you a thorough introduction to the various techniques used for the behavioral assessment of animal models, with which we have learned so much in relation to psychiatric disorders and more importantly, how to treat them.

21st Lunch Discussion Meeting, July 10th 2017 organized by Nadine Ortner and Conor Murphy:

20th Lunch Discussion Meeting, March 18th 2017 organized by Nadine Ortner and Conor Murphy:

  • We heard from Kathrin Kähler (qPCR) and Nadine Ortner (CRISPR/Cas) in our “Which methods are we working on?" session. Both very much informative and stimulating introductions to methodology they have perfected over the last Little while.

19th Lunch Discussion Meeting, January 19th 2017 organized by Nadine Ortner:

18th Lunch Discussion Meeting, November 17th 2016 organized by Claudia Schmuckermair: We focused on

17th Lunch Discussion Meeting, July 20th 2016:There we will learn how to make of a good grant application, a SUCCESSFUL grant application. The topic will be presented by Professor Bernhard Flucher.

16th Lunch Discussion Meeting, May 25th 2016: In this meeting, the production of SFB-lunch discussion meetings in 2015-2016 has been summarized and new plans for 2016-2017 have been outlined.

15th Lunch Discussion Meeting, April 21st 2016:

14th Lunch Discussion Meeting, February 23rd 2016: "Conflict Management" presented by Carlo Bavassano, Michael Oberhauser, Sinead Rooney and Veronica Fontebasso

13th Lunch Discussion Meeting, January 19th, 2016: "Time Management"
Team Hartwig (Hartwig Seitter, Ruslan Stanika, Kathrin Kähler and Thomas Keil presented the subject.

12th Lunch Discussion Meeting, October 28th, 2015: „How to give a talk“ - In this session, presentations, coordination and handouts of summary/guidelines were provided by Vincenzo Mastrolia, Giulia Negro, Alexandra Pinggera and Bruno Benedetti.

11th Lunch Discussion Meeting, October 1st, 2015: This SFB-44 Lunch discussion of was dedicated to teamwork. Projects were finalized according the previous session outline (see lunch-discussion meeting on 8th September 2015).

10th Lunch Discussion Meeting, September 8th, 2015: SFB-44 young members divide into four teams and use this lunch-discussion meeting to collaborate in planning a future discussion session.

9th Lunch Discussion Meeting, May 28th, 2015:  "End-Note vs Papers vs Mendeley. Which one it the best?”;  „How to handle dominant people“

  • Interactive presentation of reference-management software by Daniela Veth, Vincenzo Mastrolia, Bruno Benedetti. Additional contributions by Claudia Schmuckermair and Alexandra Pinggera.
  • Q&A; contributions from the audience: additional information and personal experiences.
  • Short communication “how to handle dominant people”: handouts from www.mindtools.com.

8th Lunch Discussion Meeting, April 21st, 2015: „Targets and strategies for 2015”

  • Brainstorming and agreement of the goals for 2015.
  • List of candidate-topics of discussion (by vote).
  • Evaluation of budget, time and resources.
  • Formation of teams and election of leaders.

1st Funding Period

7th Lunch Discussion Meeting, May 20th, 2014: Stefania Monteleone, Institute of General, Inorganic and Theoretical Chemistry, LFU Innsbruck; "Modeling and Simulations of Calcium Channels"

6th Lunch Discussion Meeting, February 18th, 2014: Martina Brauns, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, LFU; "What am I doing?" - On the rules behind Writing in Science"

5th Lunch Discussion Meeting, December  18th, 2013: Claudia Schmuckermair & Verena Maurer, Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, LFU Innsbruck; “Behaviour  and deep brain stimulation”

4th Lunch Discussion Meeting, October 3rd, 2013: Bruno Benedetti, Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, MU Innsbruck; "In-vivo electrophysiology"

3rd Lunch Discussion Meeting, June 25th, 2013: Ruslan Stanica, Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, MU Innsbruck; “Neuronal membrane expression of C-terminal splice-variants of the human L-type calcium channel Cav1.3 and its modulation by PDZ-domain scaffold Proteins”

2nd Lunch Discussion Meeting, February 26th, 2013: Ronald Gstir, Division of Genomics and RNomics, MUI; "A microarray for the identification of regulatory ncRNAs in CNS disorders"

1st Lunch Discussion Meeting, January 22nd, 2013: Nigel Whittle, Institute of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, LFU Innsbruck & Nadia Stefanova, University Clinic of Neurology, MU Innsbruck; "Meet & greet"