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SFB-F44 - Cell signaling in chronic CNS disorders

Associated Members


Sylvia Bösch

Parkinson’s Disease & movement disorders


Bruno Benedetti

Slice electrophysiology: Effects of Ca-channel mutations on synaptic & network functions of CNS neurons

Carlo Bavassano

Stem cell research: Generation and neuronal differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Eduard Stefan

Analyses of compartmentalized receptor-kinase relationships

Thomas Fenzl 

The functionality of mammalian sleep in cognitive processes

Peter Lackner

 The role of voltage gated calcium channels for neuroprotection in experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage



Klaus Liedl

In silico structure prediction of calcium channels


  Alexandra Koschak

The neuroretina in Multiple System Atrophy

Herbert Lindner

Determination of changes in histone modification in blood cells isolated from human neuropsychiatric disease patients