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Dinner at the „Arzler Alm“

General Information:


The Arzler Alm is at an altitude of 1.067m above the roofs of Innsbruck. The starting point for the walk is the parking lot of the “Nordkettenbahn”.

Time required:  30 min

Difference in Altitude: app. 200 m

Length: app. 4 km.



Arzler Alm
Familie Anzengruber
Gartenweg 1
A-6065 Thaur /Tirol

Tel.: 0664/6553395



Walk to the Arzler Alm:

We’ll arrange a bus "Busreisen Heiss" for the trip to the lower terminus of the Nordkettenbahn (Hungerburg Bahn). The bus waits in front of the University and will leave at 18:00.

You can take several paths to hike up, like the “Waldsteig” No 218 (time required: 30min) or the “Rosnerweg” (Arzler Alm Weg – 60 min). All paths are signposted.




There is one bus organized for your way back at 22:30. Otherwise you can take public buses (time table see below) and don’t forget flashlights because the path is not lighted.

Timetable (IVB Bus stop Theresienkirche):


1. Fahrt


2. Fahr


3. Fahrt


4. Fahrt




By Car:

Drive through Innsbruck to the Hungerburg (the whole way is signed). There is a free parking area at the “Sparmarkt Hungerburg”, approximately 200 m before the lower terminus of the Nordkettenbahn.







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