Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science

Strongly interacting Fermi gases

Rudolf Grimm

A strongly interacting Fermi gas can be created by mixing two different fermionic components and introducing resonant interactions through a Feshbach resonance. The strongly interacting regime is realized when the s-wave scattering length exceeds the interparticle spacing. In this case, the behavior of the system is governed by many-body physics.The starting point of our planned experiments is a mixture of fermionic 40K atoms and fermionic 6Li atoms. In the previous SFB period, we have developed the essential preparation techniques, fully characterized the two-body interactions, and developed a large toolbox for detection based on imaging methods and radio-frequency spectroscopic techniques. We have attained the strongly interacting regime and carried out initial experiments on hydrodynamic expansion and the physics of impurities (Fermi polarons and molecule formation). We are now in the position to address various questions related to novel fermionic many-body systems with resonant interactions. Major research lines planned in the new SFB period are repulsively interacting Fermi gases, where we will investigate the competition between phase separation and molecule formation, mixed-dimensional systems and atomic molecular Fermi-Fermi mixtures.

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