Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science

Many-body quantum systems of cold atoms, molecules and ions

Peter Zoller
Michael Baranov
Marcello Dalmonte

We study theoretically quantum many body systems consisting of cold atoms, molecules and ions, as relevant for quantum computing and quantum simulation. Our focus is on equilibrium and non-equilibrium states and quantum phases, analysis of their coherence and topological properties, dynamical behavior, and tools to control and perform measurements in these systems. In particular, we will investigate

(i) Quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories. We are interested in quantum link models where quantum degrees of freedom on links represent abelian or non-Abelian gauge degrees of freedom.

(ii) Topological phases with non-abelian edge states (Majorana fermions), which are either ground states of Hamiltonians or stationary states of specially engineered driven dissipative dynamics in atomic, molecular, and ion systems. Development of novel AMO measurement tools (current measurements).

(iii) Many-body physics of dipolar quantum gases of molecules in equilibrium and non-equilibrium.

(iv) Verification and validation of quantum computers and quantum simulators: develop AMO tools and protocols to verify quantum computations and simulation, in combination with studies of relevant models of atoms and ions, and associated errors.

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