Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science

Quantum computation and entanglement with ion strings

Rainer Blatt
Thomas Monz

This project targets the scalability of quantum algorithms to larger systems. Here, we will follow a two-fold approach by investigating error-correcting schemes in parallel to scaling up quantum algorithms and simulations to more than 5 ion-qubits. As a first step, we plan to realize techniques that reverse a projective measurement on a single qubit within a quantum register, entirely recreating the initial quantum state. We intend to extend our demonstrated techniques of quantum error correction towards color codes in an ion-trap quantum register. Here, implementations of novel tomographic techniques will be necessary to efficiently obtain the necessary data. We combine these techniques for a far-reaching goal within quantum computation: successfully implementing the order-finding algorithm based on a Kitaev approach. Here, an N-qubit quantum Fourier transform can be replaced by a single qubit and classical feed-forward, a technique that not only significantly reduces the number of required qubits but is also ideally suited for ion-trap quantum computation.

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