Fifth project meeting in Grenoble, France
January 25th till 27th 2007

The fifth project meeting was hosted by CEMAGREF; the main purpose of the meeting was the presenation of the project results (mainly outcomes from WP7 and 8) and the discussion of the activities in the test regions planned for spring/summer 2007. Ellen Lemaître, representing the French national SOIA contact point joined the meeting as special guest.

Agenda of the meeting

Thursday, 25th of January 2007:
of DIAMONT: Axel Borsdorf
Presentation of final WP7 report and indicators: Konstanze Schönthaler
Presentation of the results of the Alpine wide mayors survey in WP8: Ulrike Tappeiner
Presentation of Part C of the questionnaire dealing with development instruments: Claudia Schwarz
Presentation of the indicators, the factor as well as the cluster analysis in WP8: Caroline Pecher & Delia Gramm

Friday, 26th of January 2007:
DIAMONT perception of sustainability: Stefan Marzelli
DIAMONT cooperation with SOIA and the Alpine Convention: Ulrike Tappeiner
Presentation of the problem field "land resource management" (WP9): Stefan Marzelli
Presentation on respective development instruments (WP9): Florian Lintzmeyer
First results of the typology of the urban areas (WP7 with data from WP8): Stefan Andrian Werburg
Presentation of first results of "problem driven" cluster analysis (WP9 with data from WP8): Florian Lintzmeyer
Presentation of workshop concepts (WP10 + 11): Janez Nared

Saturday, 27 th of January 2007
Deeper analysis
of possible test regions in France: Vincent Briquel
Administrative issues: Sigrun Lange
Presentation of atlas concept: Erich Tasser
Meeting of the DIAMONT steering group

Vincent Briquel, CEMAGREF



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