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“Integrating Insights from Science and Philosophy into Theology”


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Upcoming Events

April 3-4, 2017
Conference "Zeit - Sprache - Gott"
in Munich

May 12-13 and October 13-14, 2017
Workshops "Analytic Christology" in Schwerte

May 25-27, 2017
Conference "Trinitätstheologie als Revision des klassischen Theismus?" in Augsburg

July 27 - August 6, 2017
Summer School 2017: "Advancing and Challenging Classical Theism" in Regensburg

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Program Administrator

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Welcome to the Homepage of the Nature of God Project

The Nature of God Project is a multinational research project under the direction of Innsbruck University, the Munich School for Philosophy and Regensburg University. The aim of the project is to explore different concepts of the divine in classical and contemporary philosophical and theological discussion in the light of the so called “analytic tradition”.

The project will last for three years, from December 2015 to August 2018. In addition to supporting direct engagement between philosphers and theologians in Europe, the project also aims to provide cross-disciplinary research training, opportunities for younger scholars to develop research trajectories, and mechanisms for disseminating the fruits of analytic theology to a broader, non-academic, audience. For details about these funded initiatives see the following:

We hope the project will stimulate and promote new work in analytic philosophy and systematic theology that will be relevant to scholars and to a larger public. You are welcome to send comments and questions to: