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“Integrating Insights from Science and Philosophy into Theology”

End of the project:
August 31, 2018

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Cluster Initiative Projects

The Analytic Theology Cluster Initiative aims at fostering a tight collaboration between professional philosophers and theologians by bringing philosophers and theologians together for regular conversation on a topic of mutual interest in or related to analytic theology broadly understood. Within the project the following interdisciplinary Cluster groups have been formed (apart from groups working at the main hubs of the project):

  • God, Evolution and Morality (D. Bertini & S. Zorzi, Fondazione Gallarate Verona/Rome)
  • Essence, Nature and Properties: From the constitution of finite things to the structure of God (A. Perez & F. Nef, Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)
  • Gottesbild-Transformationen im Spannungsfeld von Monotheismus und All-Einheit (K. Müller & W. Mesch, Univ. Münster)
  • Timelessness of God (P. Volek & P. Labuda, Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia)
  • Divine Impeccability (J. Grössl & K. v. Stosch, Univ. Siegen/Paderborn)
  • Primary and Secondary Nature of God. Process vs. Classical Theology on Personal Life of God (P. Rozak & T. Huzarek, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland)
  • Is the Christian understanding of the personhood of God too anthropomorphic? An Orthodox contribution (M. Philipou & N. Asproulis, Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Greece)>
  • Analytic Theology and the Beatific Vision (D. Efird & C. Collingwood, Univ. of York)