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Colloquium On Violence & Religion

Contagion 3


Contagion 3CONTAGION:


Main topic:
Papers of the COV&R Conference 1995
in Chicago/USA:

Violence, Mimesis, and the Subject of Responsibility


Girard, René: Eating Disorders and Mimetic Desire 1

Rike, Jennifer L: The Cycle of Violence and Feminist Constructions of Selfhood 21

Oughourlian, Jean-Michel: Desire is Mimetic: A Clinical Approach43

Gans, Eric: The Unique Source of Religion and Morality 51

Hamerton-Kelly, Robert G: The King and the Crowd: Divine Right and Popular Sovereignty in the French Revolution 67

Siebers, Tobin: Politics and Peace 85

Bellinger, Charles K: »The Crowd Is Untruth«: A Comparison of Kierkegaard and Girard 103

Lefebure, Leo D: Mimesis, Violence, and Socially Engaged Buddhism: Overture to a Dialogue 121

Johnsen, William A: Ibsen's Drama of Self-Sacrifice 141

Shore, Marci: The Sacred and the Myth: Havel's Greengrocer and the Transformation of Ideology in Communist Czechoslovakia163

Duff, Paul and Hallman, Joseph: Murder in the Garden? The Envy of the Gods in Genesis 2 and 3 183

Nuechterlein, Paul: Holy Communion: Altar Sacrament for Making a Sacrificial Sin Offering, or Table Sacrament for Nourishing a Life of Sacrifice? 201

Notes on Contributors 223

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