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Colloquium On Violence & Religion

Contagion 2


Contagion 2CONTAGION:


Main topic:
Papers of the COV&R Conference 1994
in Wiesbaden-Naurod/Germany:

Theology and/or Secular Thinking:
Discussion on Political Philosophy, Economy, and Sociology


Editor's Introduction v

Dupuy, Jean-Pierre: The Self-Deconstruction of the Liberal Order 1

Kitzmüller, Erich: Economy as a Victimizing Mechanism 17

Dumouchel, Paul: Hobbes & Secularization: Christianity and the Political Problem of Religion 39

Palaver, Wolfgang: Hobbes and the »Katéchon«: The Secularization of Sacrificial Christianity 57

Milbank, John: Stories of Sacrifice 75

Lohfink, Norbert: The Destruction of the Seven Nations in Deuteronomy and the Mimetic Theory 103

Neufeld Redekop, Vern: The Centrality to the Exodus of Torah as Ethical Projection 119

Morrow, Duncan: Violence and the Sacred in Northern Ireland 145

Pahl, Jon: A National Shrine to Scapegoating?: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C. 165

Elias, Michael: Neck-Riddles in Mimetic Theory 189

Notes on Contributors 203

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