American Corner Innsbruck

    White Bread

    Wednesday the 11th of June
    Westbahntheater, Feldstraße 1a, 6020 Innsbruck

    Mia van Leeuwen performed her original theatrical piece “White Bread” at the Innsbruck Westbahntheater in collaboration with theater director Piet Defaeye, both being supported in their endeavors by the Canada Center and the American Corner Innsbruck.

    White Bread 2

    Mia has worked for over 10 years in the Theater Company in Winnipeg, Canada, which she founded herself. She is now doing a master in Theater Performance and performing for a European audience. Piet is a professor of Theater and Drama at the University of Alberta and has been a regular visitor and guest Professor at the American Studies Department of the University of Innsbruck.

    In this play, he worked together with Mia to bring her critical drama to the stage and into the spotlight. A very personal ambiance was achieved at the performance in Innsbruck with close-quarter seating and interaction with the audience of about 20 of all ages. In the audience were amongst others students of the University and members of faculty.

    White Bread 5

    With a critical look from the outsider’s point of view of the prominence and effects of the American capitalistic system that has grown and influenced the world, the one-man (or woman in this case) play was a great success delivering a powerful punch and passionate message. Topics such as the food revolution, pop music, pop culture, and the American dream, as well as xenophobia, and drug abuse, were touched upon in obvious and metaphorical ways. The audience enjoyed a well designed play, performed with exactness and wit by Mia.

    White Bread 1

    We hope to see Piet and Mia back in Innsbruck soon, with one or the other new project.

    Some more pictures of the night:

    White Bread 3

    White Bread 4