American Corner Innsbruck

    Selma viewing
    Friday, February 20 2015, Cineplex Innsbruck

    On Friday, February 20th more than three hundred Austrian high school students from various schools in Innsbruck, Hall in Tirol and even as far away as Kufstein attended the ACI´s morning screening of Selma at the Cineplex in Innsbruck. The classes arrived at the event with their English teachers to hear an introduction, pre-film discussion, and film screening in English. Other members of the audience included guests of the ACI and ACI staff. The event kicked off with an introduction by the American Corner´s Director, Dr. Margaret Davidson, who provided information about the ACI and introduced Mr. John D´Amicantonio from the United States Embassy in Vienna, who discussed why this film’s portrayal of the events leading up to the historic march and bridge crossing in Selma, Alabama and events after, is so important in American history. The talk provided an historical overview of pre-Civil Rights legislation and history pertaining to African-Americans, the Civil Rights Movement, as well as background information regarding key roles in the film (i.e. Martin Luther King, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Coretta Scott King, etc). After Mr. D´ Amicantonio´s informative remarks, the film began, running slightly over two hours. After the screening, some from the audience asked Mr. D´ Amicantonio, the ACI Director and ACI staff questions and received booklets regarding the Civil Rights Movement. 

    Pictures form the cinema:

    Selma 20.2.15 2

    Selma 20.2.15 3

    Selma 20.2.15 4

    Selma 20.2.15 1